Art History for Kids

Hello Solana Vista Room One!

Posted on: November 20, 2008

Welcome to Art History for Kids!

In the coming months, watch this blog to view lesson plans the day of and use the information to discuss what your children are learning. My goal will be to provide both Art History and hands-on Art Education for the children of Room One. The final piece will culminate in the classroom art project in the Spring for the Solana Beach Ball.

As always, if you’d like more information or links to additional resources to continue the learning, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. Click here.

Looking forward to a great semester of art, laughter and learning!

Angela Hill, Incitrio (Max’s mom)


This Year’s Proposed Art History Schedule:

November 22nd
Paleolithic Art > The Origins of Cave Paintings
(painting – animals)

December 19th
Mesopotamian Art > Ancient Guardians of the Kings
(sculpture – mythic creatures)

January 22nd
Egyptian Art > The Mystery of the Mummies
(sculpture – ankh)

February 13th
Greek Art > Greek Mythology’s Magical Creatures
(painting – minotaurs/pegasus)

March 6th
Roman & Moroccan Art > The Art of Mosaic Storytelling
(sculpture/painting – mosaic tiles)

March 17th
Possible Field Trip
San Diego Museum of Man > Mosaic Arts International 2009 Exhibition 

April 3rd
Roman & Moroccan Art > The Art of Mosaic Storytelling
(drawing/gluing – mosaic patterns)  

May 1st
Roman Art > Medallions and Money from Ancient Rome
(sculpture – coins/medals)

May 22nd
Class Art Show > Art Display and Party to Celebrate a Year of Art History and Art
(snacks and drinks – parents please join us!)


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